Monthly Archives: April 2008

Course checking

Hi All!

Just thought I would send out an update on the field work for the Impossible Panther race. Earlier this week a few of us spent a very full day in MMSP and the Uwharrie Forrest area scouting the locations for control points. The weather was extremely varied through the day, started clear, sunny and warm, got cloudy mid day, and then cooled down alot and rained in the evening. We found that many of the views from the CP’s are going to be stunning regardless of the weather, since we got to “enjoy” many weather changes.

We have picked areas of the park that are going to make this race a blast regardless of whether you are doing the 4, 8, or 12 hour course. The 4-hour will be absolutely perfect for beginners, the 8-hour will be will be a good test for teams growing in experience, and the 12-hour will be the premier event for teams wanting an awesome challenge!

If you are planning on racing, please get your registration in soon. If you would rather volunteer and help us out, please email “info AT gobushwhack DOT com” about your availability on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the race weekend.

Regardless of your plans, please help spread the word about the Impossible Panther AR!

Hope to see everyone soon….

Patrick D.

Course Designer

IPAR08 pint glasses

Here’s a preview image of the pint glasses we’ve ordered for race swag. You can fill it with your beverage of choice – HEED, Cytomax, Gatorade, Guinness, chocolate milk, etc.